5 Minute Closet


My jackets had all been mixed in together because we had variable weather. I had short sleeves and long sleeves that had lost their way home. I don't need to organize my closet because when the seasons change. I had already done that.

I'm talking to you today about maintenance. It took me 5 minutes to put like with like .   I didn't plan on doing that this morning as I was getting ready, it's just an organic process.

You have to start with the organize which may take several hours. Here's a link below to a Forbes article that may be able to help. Then remember you have go to maintain it.  So every once in awhile just look in the closet and take 5 minutes! Those things that you thought you had lost will soon be found!




A Year in the Life of an Organizer

  Happy Organizing New Year! The main part of organizing is maintenance. Once there's a system in place to keep the house functional it needs to be maintained.

 Every few days I'm going to try to show you how you can maintain your house in under 15 minute projects. This  isn't a day by day of what YOU "should" be doing. I don't want you to read my blog and then go out and do what I've done.  This  to give ideas as you look around YOU OWN home.

I want you to know small things make a big difference! 




A client who was moving into a new home.  The space planning process involved the interior designer, the builder, and the client. We developed a design for leather drawers to fit into cubby cabinets in two different areas of the house.  We partnered with a nearby leather crafter who built eighteen of these extraordinary pieces of artwork!  They are functional and connected with the equestrian theme of the home.