Align Organizing specializes in creating order in your home and office!  We organize spaces in harmony with how you live.  Solutions designed around your goals and budget are both functional and sustainable.

For many, home routines like doing laundry and keeping the house clean are stressful and overwhelming.  For others, clutter and accumulated items make living spaces seem smaller and smaller.  Align Organizing works on both the systems and the clutter!

  • clutter control
  • downsizing
  • personal routines & productivity
  • moving assistance

living areas
storage areas

The quality of your workspace has a dramatic effect on your productivity.  If your office is cluttered or inefficient, Align Organizing can help!

  • misplacing important items
  • inefficiency / frustration
  • moving / new job / new office
  • cramped space

Paperwork is one area that quickly gets out of hand for many people. When bills, envelopes, files, and personal records pile up, it can be difficult to know which items are important and which items needs attention.

  • losing important papers
  • overwhelmed by paper clutter
  • mail avoidance
  • late payment of bills

paper process routines
recycling options
retain/discard evaluation
transferring paper to digital

“Align Organizing was an excellent resource and helped me make decisions about what to do with memorabilia, old clothes, family photos, artwork, etc. “
— July 2015 Client