Align Organizing provides other specialty services to enhance life!  

We provide personal property management services to homeowners and those in transition.  Senior professionals use our personal assistant services for travel arrangements and business organization.  As a provider of Daily Money Manager (DMM) services, we help with paper, mail, and bills.

Large commercial property management companies focus on the maintenance and leasing of multi-unit complexes. Align is available to individual homeowners on an 'as-needed' basis with one-time, several-time, or routine engagements. 

  • moving / transition
  • managing multiple homes
  • coordination of services
  • owner absence
  • sale prep
  • supporting estate sale
  • senior transitions

Busy professionals often require additional support to take care of details related to their work, ongoing projects, peak activity times, or special events such as speaking engagements.

  • travel arrangements
  • records organizing
  • data filing
  • research

PhD's • MD's • JD's

Ethical and trustworthy help with bills, budgets, and record keeping.

busy professionals
vision issues
handwriting issues
hearing issues
frequent travel
mobile lifestyle
unprepared at tax time


  • bill paying
  • preparing checks  
  • filing documents and other paperwork.
  • deciphering medical insurance papers and verifying proper processing of claims
  • notary