Align Organizing respectfully assists seniors with transitions and family members after the passing of a loved one with professionalism and sensitivity.

Organizing is especially challenging for seniors. Items collected over many years and their emotional attachment can be overwhelming to the point that families need help beyond what they can provide on their own. We help seniors manage their transitions: 

  • organizing to simplify and stay in their current home
  • downsizing to move into a senior community better suited to the life they live today
  • hoarding help to clear extreme clutter for comfort and safety
  • estate organization and clean out

Align Organizing partners with you to meet your specific needs related to:

  • clothing
  • personal care items
  • sorting and decision-making
  • space planning for downsizing
  • what to keep, donate, gift, auction, consign, or pass on to loved ones
  • removal of medical equipment
“Thank you for helping us downsize our old house. It really helped to have you take stuff away! Moving into the new house would not have been possible without your unpack services.”
— Client, September 2017


  • medical background and experience
  • experience in working with seniors
  • hospice care experience 
  • empathetic and respectful
  • attentive to client emotions
  • understanding of physical and psychological challenges

Preserving and displaying keepsake items

Memorabilia can be selected for showcasing in frames or with photography.   We often work with local framers and photographers to create shadow boxes and other memorials of special items. This keeps your most treasured possessions safe and on display for generations.

What are working sessions like?

We work at a pace that is comfortable for the client.  Because this can be an emotional process, we adapt goals and schedules to meet the client's needs.  In some cases, a client may want a team of organizers to take care of a lot of items or a large space very quickly.  Others may require one-on-one meetings of short duration over a longer period of time (for instance, 2-4 hour sessions, twice per week for several weeks).  In either case, we change the plan to slow or accelerate the process to suit the client, their budget, and timeframe.